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Superior  Google Adwords PPC Management Services

Got That Gut Feeling That Your Google Adwords Account is Wasting Money?  Worried Because You NEED More Sales & Leads Right Now From Adwords But Don’t Know What Else to Do or How to Do It? or, Are You New to Pay Per Click & Just Have Some Questions.

If Yes, then You Need to Talk With One Of Our Expert Google Adwords PPC Management Specialist Right Now-(Tell him your biggest Adwords problem and he’ll point you in the right direction for Free- No Strings Attached) Ask Them Below

Our Adwords Expert Knows All the Short Cuts, Tricks & Secrets to Making Google Adwords Work For You!

Our # 1 Goal is to Cut Your PPC Costs by 30% While
Delivering You 30% More Traffic.  All Within 30 days!


Need Proof We Can Deliver Outstanding Adwords Results For You?

90% of our clients have profitable PPC campaigns.  You can too!

Recent Testimonial- “Hi guys, great results so far.  Day 1: 9 conversions (up from my 3-4 daily) cost per conversion now only $38.00 (Down from $75).  Day 2: 8 conversions and $30.00 cost per conversion.  I’m thinking you’re a genius!  Have a great weekend!”  –Wayne B


Client Testimonials – We Get Rave Reviews!

“I’m glad chose you”

“I called several companies when I started looking for a pay-per-click management partner and I’m glad I chose you. –Nelson Berber – Perrysburg, OH


Your service is worth every penny”

“We tripled traffic and doubled sales in just 3 weeksbuy kids inflatable swimming pool toys. Your service is worth every penny” - Barb Thomas – Miami, FL


“You should charge more for your services”

“I can’t believe the results after the few tweaks you made to my campaign- you should charge more for your services” -Alice Otts – Reno, NV


“You guys are the real deal.”

“You raised my site traffic by almost 300% in just 2 months of service. Thanks, you guys are the real deal.”- Tyler Masson – Nashville, TN


“I now spend about 30% less!”

” I should have called you sooner.  WOW… I now spend about 30% less!” -Jason Smith – Jackson, MI


“Great Services”

“My dedicated account manager is a true professional! They always find me more keywords that bring in sales, Great Services!!”- Amber Conway – Los Angles, CA


“PPC marketing at its best!”

“This is truly hands-free PPC marketing at its best!  I don’t know how you do it?”  -Ken Marks – Toledo, OH


“I’ll recommend you!”

“I just cant believe how fast you respond to my questions.  Your customer service is so awesome, I’ll recommend you!”  Rachael Tanner – Windsor, Canada


“You brought in the most new sales for me.”

“I worked with other PPC companies in the past, but you, by far, you have brought in the most new sales for me.  Thanks!” - Kenya B – Denver, Co


You truly deliver Adwords results.”

“Thank you,  Thank you!  You truly deliver Adwords results.  My business has grown 10 fold because of your ppc expertise”  Stan M – Youngstown, Oh


“I’m very satisfied”

“Working with your expert Adwords team was the best marketing decision I’ve ever made! I’m very satisfied”   Mike Samson – Detroit, Mi


“I’m a client for life!”

” Your Adwords services blows everybody else I tried away!  You increased our email sign-ups by 200%-  I’m a client for life!” - Mike Wyse – Bangor, Maine


Why You Can Trust Us to Grow Your Adwords PPC Campaigns

Why “Smart Companies” Work With Our Dedicated Consultants

* Ethical & proven management approach.
* We’ve served hundreds of businesses since 2002
* Four year flawless track record with the BBB
* All our pay per click manager have over 1+ yrs combined Adwords experience
* We’ll manage your campaign exactly to Google’s standards
* One of the best PPC management companies
* You’ll get on-demand service from your own dedicated PPC account manager
* You get superior technology & PPC experts that deliver RESULTS!


Adwords Results You Can Expect If We Decide to Work Together

> Increased web traffic by up 30%

> Increased sales & leads & conversions

> 30% reduction in wasted clicks & click fraud

> On-demand live help by email 24/7 & full access to your account

> Superior conversion & sales tracking

> 100% satisfaction guarantee


How We Will Deliver Adwords Results For You

Your PPC Adwords campaigns are tailored to your exact needs!

Our PPC Management Expert Will:

* Aggressively build & daily manage your keyword list
* Create and test your ads with A/B Testing
* Manage your spending budget
* Reduce click fraud

* Track your click-through & sales w/ custom reports
* Provide anytime one-on-one support and marketing tips
* Help you to reach more customers at a lower cost!

For maximum campaign profitability every month, we’ll always be asking…

* What keywords are the most profitable?
* Are there new keywords we should add? Delete?
* How much should we pay for a given keyword?
* What ad copy converts the best?
* What ad position is most profitable?
* Should we adjust your monthly spending budget?
* Should your website or landing page be tweaked?

You Make Money….We Do All the Work


Quick FAQ

You have questions, we’ve got answers

“What Exactly is Adwords (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising?”

PPC advertising, also known as sponsored search marketing or more commonly, as search engine marketing (SEM) or (PPC , Adwords), allows businesses to bid for the most visible spots on search engine results page using an auction-style format. You create several ads for your product or service, select the keywords that you want to show your ad, and choose the maximum price you are willing to pay for that click/lead. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The higher you bid for a keyword, the higher your ads will display on search engine results pages.

Using PPC Advertising, your business can advertise in the most heavily trafficked search engines and information sites on the web, reaching MOST of all active Internet users. However, with 100,000’s of advertisers using this type of advertising, it takes a cutting-edge and constantly monitored campaign to be successful, and this is exactly what we provide.

“What Are the Overall Costs?”

Fees will vary for each specific keyword term and requires a minimum bid of at least $0.10/click. You can set a maximum bid that you are willing to pay for targeted clicks or establish different bids for individual keyword terms. Some keyword terms may only require the starting amount of $0.10 to achieve the highest search results position while more competitive keyword terms can cost as much as $20.00/click. We customize your bidding plan to ensure you get the most qualified clicks and most traffic for your budget.

“I’m Using Adwords Now & I Haven’t Got the Results I Wanted……Why?”

PPC marketing is more complicated than it appears, and that’s why so many turn to us to manage and optimize their campaigns. Some don’t see the results they hoped for because they don’t have enough or the right keywords or aren’t using the right keyword options (broad vs. exact keyword matches, etc) or combos effectively.

While others just truly don’t understand how everything adds up and works together.  That’s what we are here for, to show you and guide you along the entire process to ensure your success, answer all the questions and eliminate all of the variables that pop up everyday when managing profitable PPC campaigns.


What We Charge to Do All This

Don’t Worry…We Offer the Best Adwords Management Pricing Around! Why Pay More?

Our Adwords management services start at just $250.00/mo for monthly Google budgets of $1000 and up.  Please contact us so we can understand your exact needs so we can customize a plan just for you.


How Can We Offer These Results at This Price?

No learning on the job, our proven Adwords management system works

1. Our expert Adwords Management consultant has over 1+ years of combined PPC marketing experience. There is no learning on the job.

2. We have a proven Adwords management process that enables us to perform better in half the time and price of our competition.

3. NO OVERSEAS OUTSOURCING or Middleman! You’ll work one-on-one with your own Adwords consultant based here in the US.

We Challenge You: to find a fairer price or more thorough approach from a professional  PPC management company of our caliber than this. Most companies at our skill level charge $500.00/mo. plus for the same services we can do for 50% less! Put us to the test and we’ll prove it. That’s why we invite you to……..


Why Not Try Us Risk Free?

You’ll get our 100% satisfaction guarantee

We want happy clients. Your long term success is our success. That’s why we 100% Guarantee that you will be happy with our Adwords management services & the results. If not, we will work with you at our expense until you are satisfied. Fair enough? Now put us to the test!

How Do I Get Started Or Get More Info?

Don’t delay, we only take up to 12 new accounts a month

Call Now Toll-Free For Live Help: 866-526-4309 (ext 102)


Request That We Contact You by
Phone for a Free, 1 hr Consultation


Set-up Fee

Monthly Management Fee

Leverage Marketing $1,500.00 $800 / Mo.
Pepper Jam Above $1,000.00 Above $1,000.00
Jump Fly $995.00 $300 / Mo.
Intra Promote $1,500.00 $800 / Mo.
SEOP $600.00 $850 / Mo.
Wpromote $995.00 $500 / Mo.
Target Marleting Solutions $695.00 $300 / Mo.
Netvantage Marketing $600.00 $400 / Mo.
Working Planet $1500.00 $1500 / Mo.
Network Solutions $1000.00 $300 / Mo.



Starts at $99.95 / mo.

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